Arena on Waves

Jul 14, 2023 | News

The platform on the sea, located at the head of the port of Cetara, becomes the new stage for the great events of the small coastal village.

Inaugurated on 28 June 2022, the platform was chosen for its strategic position, to enhance the scenic beauty of Cetara and to give spectators the opportunity to enjoy the skyline behind it.

The platform is the most suitable place to have a view of the valley that frames Cetara, but also – and at the same time – of the body of water that stretches its gaze up to Salerno, crossing with one of the most important monuments of the country – the Viceregal Tower – while being absorbed in the various types of entertainment offered.
The arena, bordered on three sides by the sea, is used to accommodate a number of 592 spectators for as many seats and up to 1000 standing places in its approximately 720 square meters.

The events will range from the classical music scene, to artists engaged in song-theatre, to comedians and Italian singer-songwriter artists and up to touching notes of pop music and young people.