Cetara is a small fishing village on the Amalfi Coast set between sea and mountains. It has always been considered a niche tourist destination thanks to its deep connection with traditional economic activities, primarily fishing, thus preserving, practically intact, its charm of a seaside village. The link with the sea, which bathes the lower part of the village, together with the mountains that surround it in the upper part, give the village a particular amphitheater shape that, to date, characterizes the village making it a landing place for tourists in search of art, sustainability, promotion and enhancement of natural territories as well as gastronomic excellence. The village is also famous for the DOP-certified Anchovy colatura and IGP-certified Sfusato Amalfitano lemon.



Anchovy Colatura PDO

The main condiment of our cuisine obtains the PDO

tuna fishing boat

Bluefin Tuna

The first fleet in Italy for bluefin tuna fishing


Sfusato Amalfitano IGP

The Sfusato Amalfitano lemon still resists on the terraces of Cetara

News and main events

Cetarìa, video mapping

For the first time, the seafront of Cetara became the natural setting for a video mapping that accompanied, last August 26th, the show Cetarìa, the history and traditions of the coastal town, through theatrical scenes, songs, ballets and historical narration. The...

Enchanted Cetara

Enchanted Cetara is the characteristic event that has been taking place for some years in the coastal village and closes the summer events in style. The event is sponsored by Scabec, the in-house company of the Campania Region created for the enhancement of the...

Arena on Waves

The platform on the sea, located at the head of the port of Cetara, becomes the new stage for the great events of the small coastal village. Inaugurated on 28 June 2022, the platform was chosen for its strategic position, to enhance the scenic beauty of Cetara and to...

Events in the Viceregal Tower


Weddings, exhibitions,
conferences, workshops, meetings,
tastings in one of the most
fascinating scenery of the Amalfi Coast

How can Cetara be reached?

Cetara can be easily reached by any means of transport, it is very close to the motorway, the Salerno train station and the Naples airport.

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What is the historical symbol of Cetara?

The most important monument of Cetara is the viceregal tower with a particular aspect that characterizes the coast of the town. In it stands the civic museum of the village.

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What is the town of Cetara famous for?

Cetara is famous for the anchovy colatura, a flavoring obtained from anchovies that can be used in the kitchen in many recipes, from pasta to vegetables

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Do you want to organize your event in Cetara?

In Cetara, in the viceregal tower it is possible to organize various types of events. Especially our tower is famous for wedding vows and weddings. An enchanting place for your special day.

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