The port of Cetara can accommodate, during the summer, more than 150 boats and small pleasure boats. The mooring management service has been entrusted to the municipal services company “Cetara Servizi e Sviluppo Unipersonale Srl”.

The mooring management period, with the provision of all services, starts on 1 June. Ends on 30 September. The main services available to recreational users are:

  • berth with the necessary mooring ropes;
  • mooring and disorganization assistance;
  • cleaning of the harbour water mirror and of the docks;
  • cleaning and maintenance of the seabed;
  • ordinary maintenance of the plants,
  • furnishings and works entrusted;
  • drinking water supply;
  • electricity supply;
  • collection of waste oils;
  • separate collection of waste;
  • video surveillance throughout the area;
  • fire and anti-pollution service;
  • public lighting of the port;
  • night and day watch.

Further information regarding any daily transits can be requested by contacting phone number +39 089 261812 or by sending an email to