Marina Beach

It is the main beach, always the soul of the country and ancient meeting point of fishermen who once dried their nets on this beach that also served as a shelter for boats especially in winter when the gozzi boats were pulled ashore using the “falanghe” (grooved pieces of wood) that facilitated the task of securing the boats. Picturesque in its frame the beach of Marina di Cetara is surrounded by houses colored with pastel colors: from pink, yellow and classic white that create a unique choreography. The beach is about 90 meters long and consists of a sandy beach that has a stretch and another formed by pebbles. Facing south – east the beach enjoys sun even in the afternoon. In recent years, in the final stretch of the beach, close to the cliff, every summer a small equipped beach is planted.

On the west coast of Cetara:

Porto Beach

It is a small beach about 70 meters long and is located just behind the port of Cetara from which you can reach through the parking lot by an opening under the hill. This beach was formed thanks to the weather – marine currents created in the aftermath of the construction of the port of Cetara with the addition of debris resulting from the excavation of the land carried out immediately after the earthquake of 1980 for the construction of housing in the village. To these debris have been added the stones coming from the undertow that have contributed over time to lengthen and smooth the shore that is currently formed by rounded pebbles. In this stretch of sea, the water is clear, helped by the movement of currents that helps to cleanse any impurities. The beach during the summer months is equipped with a small beach and overlooks the bay of “Collata”.

Collata Beach

By “Collata” in Cetara we mean that hilly stretch immediately behind the foothills overlooking the SS. 163 “Amalfitana” where citrus fruits, vines and fruit trees are cultivated. It consists of a small inlet with a sandy shore formed by smooth pebbles and is a bay well sheltered from the winds with crystal clear water surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub and receives the scents of these herbaceous essences that spread in the air. It is located just over 150 meters from the beach of the port of Cetara from which it can be reached by swimming or boat and is just over 50 meters long.

Lovers Beach

It is a romantic corner located in a microscopic ravine along the coast of Cetara that is just after the beach of “Collata” coming from Cetara. The small cove is surrounded by rocks overlooking the sea and is very small being able to accommodate very few people. Accessible only by sea from the nearby port of Cetara, the beach over the years becomes smaller and smaller in size. Of course the water in this marine shelter is always very clear and the beach is formed by small pebbles. 

On the east coast of Cetara:

Lannio Beach

Located at the entrance of the village coming from Vietri, it is accessed by a descent located near the Tower. Its name “Lannio” seems to derive from a legend according to which in those surroundings during the raids of the Saracens in the Middle Ages some monks praying at the small chapel of the Annunziata, located at the beginning of the beach, were captured and slaughtered by these pirates. So “Lannio” would indicate the lament of the monks that the inhabitants influenced by the legend believed to hear going to that beach. According to another hypothesis Lagno derives from the Latin “Clanius” also called “Lagnus” and then italianized in Clanio synonymous with stagnant water basin. About 110 meters long is almost a sandy beach except for the last meters where there are a series of small flat rocks that are many appreciated by swimmers who frequent this beach.

Tuoro Vecchio Beach

The “Tuoro Vecchio” is a beautiful 40 meters long sandy beach and is entirely given in concession by the Maritime State to the owners of the Hotel Cetus who have also placed a bathing establishment. The beach can be accessed by land only from the hotel premises while by sea is easily accessible by boat or even by swimming, in fact it is located about 50 meters from the beach of “Lannio”.

Campana Beach

This beach can be reached exclusively by boat from the “Marina” of Cetara and from the nearby beach of “Lannio”. In front of the beach there are two small stacks. It is exposed to the south-east and has a beach mixed with pebbles and sand. It is not equipped with any catering service so for long stays on the beach it is good to get umbrellas and water supplies. At the beginning of the beach from the side that leads to the beach of “Tuoro Vecchio” there is a small indentation with a tiny cave that then leads to the other side in the open sea. 

These are the beaches closest to the town, both from the west and east of the coast; but many other beaches of all sizes are located along the two directions towards Maiori and Vietri sul Mare, reachable only by boat.