St. Francis


Another festival very felt by Cetaresi is definitely the one dedicated to the co-patron of the village, S. Francesco d’Assisi. On October 4 of each year the old convent of the Franciscan friars minor is reborn to new life and already in the early hours of the morning the population of the village pours into the church dedicated to the Poverello of Assisi to pay homage to one of the most known saints of Christianity.

After the masses celebrated in the morning, in the afternoon the statue of the Saint, adorned with bunches of grapes and pomegranates, is carried in procession through the streets of the village until you reach Casale with a stop at the Church of Our Lady of Constantinople. Then we descend to the Church of St. Peter where the “poor man of Assisi” stops for a tribute to St. Peter the Apostle and for the celebration of a mass at the end of which the procession proceeds to the Marina di Cetara where there is a fireworks display and a short prayer.

After the descent near the sea go up to Corso Garibaldi to return to the Church of Piazza S. Francesco.