May of the Virgin Mary


The cult of the Madonna is very alive among the faithful of Cetara who dedicate to it numerous rites. The main moments go from the end of April to the first days of June, focusing mainly on the month of May that the Church dedicates as always to Our Lady.

Our Lady of Good Counsel

In the hamlet of Fuenti, at the entrance of Via Salvo D’Acquisto, a series of majolica with the effigy of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio was installed about ten years ago. This installation was strongly wanted by the locals to remember the original effigy on marble present centuries before, destroyed by the weather and part of which, as they tell the elderly still resident in the village, was found by a shepherd on the beaches of Fuenti and taken to a church in Poggerola, a hamlet of Amalfi, where it is currently located. Every year on April 25 a Mass is celebrated at the majolica of Via Salvo D’Acquisto and followed by a band concert.

Processions in the month of May

During the month of May and at the beginning of June two processions in honor of Our Lady are held in Cetara. These two processions are very felt and rooted in the village, to the point that they recall the ancient divisions due to the territorial conformation of Cetara, partly still rooted in its inhabitants, who until a few decades ago were very interested in their belonging to the upper part of the country, at the foot of the Lattari Mountains, or to the one closest to the sea. In fact, the Madonna of Constantinople, carried in procession at the beginning of June, is still called the “Madonna del Casale” (upper part of the town), while the statue of the Immaculate Conception, carried in procession on a Sunday in May, is called the “Madonna della Marina”the part of Cetara closest to the sea.