Anchovy Colatura Festival


The event takes place every year in the first half of December and began with the rediscovery of the casting of anchovies, the precious seasoning that has been produced since ancient times only in Cetara.

The event includes conferences of studies on historical events in Cetara and the entire Amalfi Coast, during which numerous times have been presented new recipes based on the casting of anchovies or other typical products of Cetara; round tables on problems relating to fishing and the production and marketing of quality artisanal products, such as the casting of anchovies. In addition, there is the gastronomic award dedicated to Ezio Falcone, the scholar of the ancient Amalfi cuisine, during which food bloggers, journalists and common culinary enthusiasts compete in the kitchen with recipes of their own creation. Finally, there are tastings of typical local products in the main squares of the country, while during every day of the event the restaurants of Cetara prepare special menus based on the casting of anchovies.