Lemon Tour


Cetara as every country of the Amalfi Coast lives of fishing and lemons, the yellow gold, which saw its first settlements in the Fuenti area and then moved to the upper part of the country, Corso Vecchio, where still there are those, with passion and tenacity, cultivate these beautiful lemon groves climbing on where man has taken away from the mountain to cultivate.

Many varieties distinguish this sour and sweet fruit at the same time. From Sfusato Amalfitano to the seedless “Sfusato Cetarese”. Yesterday as today it has been used and rediscovered in various fields thanks to its organoleptic properties. It releases perfumes, essential oils, natural remedies. In cuisine, it has become a key ingredient that gives taste and also characterizes the simplest of dishes such as a spaghetti with tuna and lemon. From appetizer to dessert, combined with a good wine or coffee. Lemon today, is our daily bread.

A walk through the terraces becomes a sensory experience. Thanks to the stories of our farmer-fisherman Luigi Di Crescenzo, you can immerse yourself in the full culture of the past enjoying so much beauty. A beauty kept alive by hard work, passion and sacrifice.

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