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are those used solely to ensure the proper functioning of the website, so that the visitor can take advantage of all the features provided; according to current legislation the site is not required to ask for consent for technical cookies as necessary to provide the services requested.

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Openstreetmap: is a service that allows you to view geographical data, such as maps, roads, buildings, premises, activities and so on. Inside the site, in some pages, are inserted maps where you can view the location of monuments, places of interest, tourist and commercial activities, geographically located on the map service offered by Openstreetmap. The integration of this service within the site involves the installation of several third-party cookies, which are regulated at the site

Youtube: in some pages of the site there are videos of events, traditional activities and features, etc. connected by the social network youtube in privacy-enhanced mode. This means that YouTube will not install cookies in advance, but only to watch the video. More information at https:///

Weather service: On the site there is a link to the weather services for the village of Cetara offered by site. This service issues cookies. For further information: https:///

Instagram: on the homepage of the site there is a photo gallery linked to our profile in the social network Instagram. This gallery may release cookies. For more information:

How to manage cookies via your web browser

The user can also manage the preferences related to cookies directly within their browser and prevent for example that third parties can install them. Through the browser preferences it is also possible to delete cookies installed in the past. The procedure to disable cookies varies depending on the type of browser used, for detailed instructions here are the links to the various dedicated pages:

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Tracking function (DoNotTrack or DNT)

Modern browsers offer a function to prevent the tracking of personal navigation information (profiling cookies). This function is called “anti-tracking” or DoNotTrack and is supported by social networks; you can activate it in your browser. By enabling this function, the sites are asked not to record in their archives navigation information (personal preferences, searches on e-commerce portals etc.); this may affect the features that require the use of profiling cookies, even if you have given your consent.

Google Chrome in advanced settings send a request “do not track” with your browsing traffic”

Firefox Tools Options…   Privacy. Click to check the box next to “Tell sites you do not want to be tracked”

Internet Exporer in advanced security options Select “Send DNT requests”

Opera Advanced Preferences Settings Security: Select “Request websites not to track me” Safari (from version 5.1 and only on OSX; not available for Windows): Privacy settings tools: Uncheck “Website tracking”.